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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does BumperMedic perform a repair?

We use a combined 80 years of experience to provide you with the highest quality repair imaginable. Putting all of our resources to use, we can typically save you hundreds of dollars both in repair cost and time saved. We use a remarkable paint product that has a polyester base rather than acrylic, for durability and flexibility that will last a lifetime!

How does BumperMedic match the color?

Every car has a factory color code that references the specific colors used in the original paint of your vehicle. BumperMedic can access these codes and use this information to accurately match the color of the new material. However, we at BumperMedic realize that factory color codes many times provide a color that is most times anywhere from a couple shades to several shades different from the original color, so we go a step further to ensure that the color of your vehicle is matched with precision. Spray cards and very specific tinting methods are some of the ways we have of accomplishing this.

How is the BumperMedic process better than the competitors?

Our commitment is to forming lifelong relationships with our customers, and we understand that the only way to achieve that is to provide our customers with exceptionally detailed work, excellent customer service, and a lifetime warranty on all of our repairs (some exceptions apply).

How long has BumperMedic been in business?

BumperMedic has successfully provided exceptional autobody and plastic repairs since 1990. In almost two decades, we've completed over 25,000 individual repairs. We are also longtime members of the BBB, and have maintained an A+ rating

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